Where to find the perfect Margarita in Paris?


After 6 years in Paris, people often ask me about the thing I miss most since not living in the States: Moms apple pie? (hardly! –sorry mom!) Soy latte’s? (bleh, never!) 24 hour access to almost anything you could ever want? That last one does still get to me, but I still have to say no. No, the one thing that I miss the most about not living in the States is not being able to get my margarita on!! Margaritas are this girls’ best friend. Margaritas have been with me through thick and thin, in good times and bad, for richer and poorer. Only twice have I strayed from my margarita path- and that was when I cheated with her cousin, Faux-garita, during my pregnancies. To me, nothing says lovin’ like a fishbowl-sized glass of freezing, slushy margarita- rimmed with sea salt, fat slice of lime gracing the lip… So you can imagine my sheer and utter despair (and disbelief!) when I first ordered a margarita in Paris and was served a thimbleful of tepid dishwater instead. Three sad little ice cubes floated on top. A smear of lime peel stuck to the side of the glass. No salt to be found. Sad, sad, sad!…

Such was the state of my relationship with margaritas in Paris…until Lt. Blender landed in town! Now the best margarita in Paris is in my own freezer!! Lt Blenders are an awesome brand of “cocktail in a bag” that started popping up in Paris last year. They are imported and distributed by a guy named David Sprawls and can be purchased online at www.daviddrinks.com or in Paris shops such as Thanksgiving (4th arr.) or Epicerie Anglaise (10 arr.).

Pouch o’ Paradise- Lt Blender’s Frozen Margaritas

The gimmick is so cool- all of the dry ingredients are in a pouch that looks like a giant Pomme Pot‘ or Capri Sun. The instructions are on the bag- you fill the bag to the first fill line with tequila, you add triple sec to the second line, and then add hot water to the third line. You crank up Chakira on the ipod and shake what your mama gave ya until it’s all mixed up, then pop the bag in the freezer overnight. The whole mixture freezes into the most slushiest, tangiest margarita goodness that you’ll find this side of 24th and Mission. Each bag makes about a 1/2 gallon (or 3 rounds of mid-sized ‘rita’s for a party of four). Pouch o’ Paradise! Salvation in a Sack! I can’t say enough about this product! Here’s info from the Lt. Blenders Ad:

All natural, made with real citrus juice – no artificial anything! No ice, no blender, no mess, no problem.

Portable and Easy!
Lt. Blender allows for impromptu cocktail parties for dozens or an intimate tête-à-tête for two – it can be enjoyed by all! The drinks can be prepared ahead of time so that you’re part of the party and not stuck in the kitchen with the blender and the mess. Or if you’re on the go…make it anytime, take it anywhere! Easily fits in any cooler or backpack – bring the party with you!

Current flavors available in France:
~ Margarita (made with tequila and triple sec)
~ Piña Colada (made with rum)
~ Strawberry Daiquiri (made with rum)
~ Mojito (made with rum)
~ Hurricane (made with light and dark rum)
~ Egg Nog (made with rum or bourbon and brandy or cognac) (I tried this one at Christmas- Creamy goodness!!- Kim)
~ Margarita Wine Freezer (made with white wine)
~ Sangria Wine Freezer (made with red wine)
~ Peach Bellini Wine Freezer (made with white or rosé wine)

For more information on the complete line of Lt. Blender awesome cocktails please visit: www.ltblender.fr!

5 Responses to “Where to find the perfect Margarita in Paris?”

  1. 1 Gerard

    These cocktails in a bag are absolutely awesome !

  2. 2 Tino Villanueva

    Loved the piece on margaritas which I’d like to make for my culturally-deprived Parisian friends when I’m there. Questions:

    1) where do you buy the tequila, and the triple sec. I’ve been to several liquor stores (wine and spirits shops) in Paris, and they don’t have these. I’ll be there in June, and I’ve already written to one Mexican restaurant asking them where they buy their stuff. I haven’t heard from them yet.

    2) are there not any bars in Paris that serve up frozen margaritas with sea salt around the rim? Have you not found any to your satisfaction?

    I eagerly await response. Thanks and more thanks for bothering to answer.

    Best, Tino

  3. 3 kim

    Hi Tino,

    I bought both tequila and triple sec at Auchan at La Defense. There was no problem at all, so I think that any of the big grocery chains must have it- Cora, Carrefour, etc.

    For margaritas with salt- I had a pretty good one at Le Loup Blanc on rue Tiquetonne near Montergeuil one time. Its a really cute restaurant that also does a good brunch. Hope this helps!


  4. 4 Paula

    We have a Parisian friend coming to visit us in Texas. He used to live here while in school, and has visited a number of times. We plan to definitely have some ‘ritas while he’s here, accompanied by the de rigueur steaming, smoking cast iron comal with sizzling fajitas. My question is: How easy is it to find margarita glasses in Paris? Particularly, the beautiful rustic ones from Mexico with colored rims? We thought that a set might be a nice gift for them, but didn’t want to give them something they could easily obtain themselves. Thank you! (I prefer my margaritas on the rocks, with salt!)

  5. 5 kim

    Hi Paula,

    I really don’t know if you can find Margarita glasses here- we brought ours over when we moved 10 years ago (not realizing how little use we’d be getting out of them- sigh…) I think that would be a great gift, though!

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