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vrai mariage du mercredi - real (french) wedding wednesday

OK, so I’m cheating a bit with this week’s Real (French) Wedding. It’s actually a Real BELGIAN wedding, shot by Belgian photographer Julie de Bellaing,  but I thought since Belgium is so close to France, and this wedding is so cute- surely no one would mind.

One of the many wedding budget battles that I  mediate between my clients is often over the price of flowers- especially for couples with larger guest-lists.  With all the delicious wedding blogs out there these days,  so many brides come to me with inspiration boards or Pinterest links of images of rows and rows of banquet tables dressed with opulent centerpieces overflowing with roses, peonies, hydrangeas, etc.  It’s always a real eye-opener (especially for the groom!) when I start to point out the average costs of the flowers that make up the centerpieces in the photos, then calculate the number of centerpieces needed to create the same sort of effect for their wedding reception. The boxing gloves usually come off right around then, let me tell you…

Which is why I like Laetitia and Octave’s wedding. They had a pretty impressive guest list, judging by the number of tables in the photos. They started with a clean foundation with white chairs and tablecloths, and then chose a single color- a bold, poppy red- and echoed it throughout the day:  in the outfits of the groom, groomsmen and ring bearers, the table runners and centerpieces at the reception, through to the little red lantern favors at the end of the wedding. They purchased flowers in bulk- all red, but different varieties, then grouped them together using single stems in different shaped vases on each table.  The final result was stylish, modern, fun and economical.  Laetitia and Octave’s Belgian wedding shows how, even for a larger-sized wedding, by using color tastefully and creatively, you can create a big impact on a modest budget.


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paris wedding trend: pearl engagement rings

It’s wedding salon season here in Paris, and while scoping out the latest French wedding fashion, accessory and deco trends, my eyes keep going back to a certain piece of jewelery that’s very hot right now in Paris: The Pearl Engagement Ring.

All over Paris, from trendy contemporary bijoutières like Jean-Marc Garel or Rambaud to classic, haute joaillerie boutiques like Chanel and Dior on the Place Vendôme, newly engaged French women seem to be flocking to get their manicured mitts on one of these gems.

Now, I think big pearl rings are GORGEOUS- the look is so fresh and unique and chic. But is this just because I’ve already “got my bling” (merci, Monsieur Petyt)?  I also know that we American girls like our ice.  Is this a French wedding trend that American brides-to-be are willing to adopt (and before you “hubby-to-be’s” get too excited, some of these doozies can carry a price tag of upwards from +5000€…) I’d be interested to know what the thought is from across the pond- could you show your face around the water cooler if you sported an engagement pearl instead of a diamond?

french-pearl-engagement-rings-2top row: yellow gold, cultured tahitian pearls, south sea pearls, precious stone and diamonds, by rambaud.  18k white gold, diamond and pearl, by chanel.  “absolute chocolate”: rose gold, cognac diamonds, chocolate pearl, by rambaud. “caprice” pearls and diamonds, by dior. bottom row: golay pearls and yellow gold, by karim rachid (2004). white gold and tahitian black pearl, by dinh van. “nara”: rose gold, diamonds and chocolate pearl by jean-marc garel. “envol”: white gold, tahitian black pearl, by jean-marc garel.

how to plan a green wedding in paris: eco-beautiful weddings

eco-beautiful weddings, spring 2011

Over the past few years, Green Weddings have quickly gone from quirky trend to established norm, as today’s couples realize that it is possible to have a chic, trendy wedding that’s both affordable and eco- and socially responsible. Books, blogs and magazines have popped up all over the globe with information and inspiration on planning Green Celebrations. And leading the pack is the fabulous e-mag Eco-Beautiful Weddings, who,  in a short time, have established themselves as the “go-to” guide for stylish eco-friendly weddings. So you can imagine how excited I was to be asked to contribute to their Spring 2011 issue’s Green City Wedding Guide. From organic wedding cakes to ethically mined wedding bands, I share some of my favorite picks for planning the perfect green wedding in Paris. Whether a Parisian wedding is on your horizon or if you’re simply planning a home-grown celebration, just be sure to check out Eco-Beautiful Weddings for all of your “greening” inspirations.