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kids goodie-bag ideas for a french-themed wedding or party

made-by-joel-paper-city-paris-4In my article on today’s lifestyle blog, The Daily Basics, I share some of my tips for fun, inexpensive souvenir ideas from Paris. That started me thinking about French-themed goodie-bag ideas tailored specifically for children.  After all, if you’re throwing a Parisian party, why should the grown-ups have all of the fun?

With a bit of time online, here’s all you need to keep les petites occupied during your Paris-themed celebration:

Mon Cahier de Coloriage: I Love Paris: Paris is there for the coloring, with its great monuments, its beautiful museums, its bustling streets, and its funny Parisians!  Available online through les parisettes, this book guarantees a full 10 minutes of calm and quiet. http://lesparisettes.com

Eiffel Tower Spinning Top: These mini  metal spinning tops are durable and quiet and are great options for some old skewl fun.  Available at Saprista in the 15th arrondissement and www.saprista.com


Did you know that the Michelin Man has a name? It’s Bibendum. You can get some really cute Michelin Man swag for kids, like toy cars, watches and school sets at www.michelin-boutique.com. They also have pretty cool grown-up toys as well.

Another character that is pretty popular in France is named “Barbapapa” which, incidentally, is how you say cotton candy in French. Barbapapa is basically the French equivalent of “Shmoo” (which most people who read this blog have never even heard of. Sigh.) Anyway, there are tons of silly little Barbapapa toys available, one of which is this set of 3 wooden puzzles in a little box from Vilac. It’s small and compact and would fit nicely in a kids’ goodie bag.


Shhhh…this next one’s a secret that I use on my own kiddies all the time: Carambar! These famous French candies are super-chewy caramels that clamp to your teeth and take about 5 minutes to get unstuck! A handful of these doozie’s just before the ceremony is exactly what the wedding planner orders to ensure a tranquil walk down the aisle.

Lastly, tie it all together in a sporty TinTin backpack from the Tintin Boutique.

Be sure to check out my post on The Daily Basics for other souvenir and goodie-bag ideas for both kids and adults!

french flower girl frocks for your black wedding dress

If you’re one of those daring brides that’s chosen to rock down the aisle in a black wedding dress, you might want to check out these fabulous French frocks for your flower girls. Paris-based wedding dress designer Suzanne Ermann has recently launched her Enfants collection, which includes the same whimsically chic detailing as her adult line, but scaled down and tailored for the little ones in your cortège. Take a look:paris-wedding-flower-girl



Adorable, right??? See these and more online and in select Suzanne Ermann boutiques, at:

Suzanne Ermann


7, place du marché sainte-catherine

75004, Paris, France

01 42 77 23 26

where will you watch the royal wedding?

royal-wedding-cookiesUnion Jack bunting? Check. Sparkly tiaras? Check. Tea and Crumpets? Check and check! Everything is pretty much set chez nous to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow afternoon. To tell you the truth, I had pretty much shrugged off all of the Kate-n-William hoopla over these past months. But then my parents came to visit - and if there’s one thing my mama loves it’s a Royal Wedding. I  remember waking up early in the morning to watch “Lady Di’s” wedding with her when I was small, and then I realized how fun it would be to watch it with her AND Mini Me this time around- and almost in the same time-zone to boot!   So, off I went to the High Street to pop into the shops for some tea and crumpets (see? I’m sounding British already, right?). I *think* what I bought were crumpets- but I picked up some other yummy pastries just in case- they’re French, but I think they’ll work in a bind.  Along with the snacks I got the aforementioned sparkly tiaras and a few bits and bobs to give our salon that oh-so-British feel.  And there you’ll find us tomorrow at noon, three generations of wedding-loving goofballs, dressed to the nines and getting tipsy off of teacakes.

And where will you watch Kate and Williams’ Royal Wedding ?