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real wedding: parisian chic, intimate mariage de luxe

How do you define “Parisian Chic”?  Stylishly refined?  Effortlessly sophisticated?  Romantically modern?  After you see these images of my gorgeous clients, you’ll define it like I do now: Parisian Chic is Lauren and Ben’s wedding. This Australian-American couple plan to live in Paris one day, so decided to host their wedding in the City that means so much to them both. With loved ones coming in from all four corners of the globe, they wanted a celebration that was fun and memorable for their guests and reflected their own tastes and styles.

After their sweet, traditional church ceremony, Lauren and Ben took off with photographer Jo to all of their favorite Parisian haunts, then rejoined their entourage at a hôtel particulier, a privately-owned 18th century mansion,  for dinner, drinks and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Un mariage de luxe:


all photos © photozhou

wedding design & coordination: kim petyt, parisian events. photography: photo zhou, hair & make-up: jms by james, florist: lieu-dit, cake: sugarplum cake shop

real (parisian) wedding wednesday: an art deco gatsby wedding

One of the best moments in designing and planning weddings is when you meet with new clients, and you suddenly realize that you are completely in tune with them. They’re describing their vision of their wedding to you, and it feels like someone has reached into your head and stolen your thoughts!  I’ve adored the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements since I was a teeny-tiny girl, and I’ve been super excited that the ever-present “Vintage Wedding” craze has taken a turn towards the 1920’s lately.  I’d been playing around with some design ideas and creating inspiration boards around a Great Gatsby/Paris in the 20’s wedding, when Jessica and Scott contacted me about their celebration. They, also, are in love with the Art Deco era, and wanted an event that was both “period” and elegant, but also something a bit over-the-top - since their family and friends coming over from New York like to have a good time (comme on dit…).  What we ended up creating was a day that truly celebrated Paris in the roaring 20’s.

With help from make-up artist Sanni Sorma, and hair stylist Pia Paysant (both Swedish, Paris-based beauty babes)  Jessica and Scott got gorgeously “In the Mood for Love” in their Marais vacation rental apartment.  Then, with photographer David Bacher leading the way- they took to the streets for a whirlwind pre-ceremony photo session:

art-deco-paris-weddingparis-art-deco-weddingparis-in-the-20s-wedding-themeMeanwhile, parked in front of the Musée d’Orsay,  Team parisian events was goofing off working like dogs to transform a small boat on the Seine into an elegant,  Art Deco speakeasy- complete with stacks of fedoras, mounds of feather boas, miles of faux pearls and armfuls of phalaenopsis orchids. Oh, and there was whiskey.


Guests began to arrive just as the sun was setting, and Jessica and Scott’s intimate evening ceremony began:


After the “I do’s” were complete-  and the food, champagne and music was freely flowing-  we set to work passing out props to the pampered guests, who were pleasantly surprised (to say the least), by the traditional flaming French croquembouche wedding cake that was brought out to the happy couple:paris-art-deco-speakeasy-wedding

But the biggest surprise of all were the professional dancers planted among the guests, who “spontaneously” burst into a wild Lindy Hop during the couple’s first dance. They were the icing on the cake for this speakeasy wedding- and kept the group entertained for the rest of the evening: paris-art-deco-speakeasy-great-gatsby-weddingWe helped Jessica and Scott to create a magical evening for their guests- a trip back in time to when Paris was the center of the artistic universe. Les annees folles- the crazy years! A time that’s been immortalized in books, paintings, music and films.  After their amazing 1920’s wedding, Jessica, Scott, and their family and friends now have another reason to call Paris A Moveable Feast.

photos © David Bacher

vrai mariage du mercredi: an intimate paris wedding celebration

Blair and Judson contacted me last fall to help them plan their wedding ceremony here in Paris. They were coming over with an intimate group of their nearest and dearest, and wanted to celebrate everything that they loved about this City. Destination Wedding photographer Heidi Geldhauser from Our Labor of Love joined them on their Parisian adventure and shared these amazing images of their day: buy-wedding-dress-in-pariselope-in-paris2Blair, a consummate (and crafty!) francophile, added special touches to further personalize their day.  She always loved the Romani idea of sewing special things into a wedding dress for good luck– initials, special dates, spices to ward off evil spirits, etc.  So she chose to sew a cicada into her hemline in honor of Judson ( his band is called Tettix (ancient Greek for cicada.)  It was also her “something borrowed”, as a close friend who couldn’t make it to the wedding lent it to her).  Next to it, she sewed in a medallion she used to wear around her neck of Saint Geneviève– the Patron Saint of Paris.  She told me, “France has always been a special place to me, ever since I was a child, and eventually I lived in Paris for a year in college. Afterward, I always wore my Ste. Genevieve necklace as a reminder of where I wanted to someday return to– so sewing it into my hemline was a special tribute to the city that keeps summoning me back.”  french-wedding-traditionsparis-proposalintimate-wedding-in-parissmall-wedding-in-parisAfter their ceremony, Blair and Judson spent the morning running around Paris with their families and best friends, stopping to take pictures in all of their favorite places- including the Pont des Arts, where they added a Love Lock to the bridge, and tossed the key into the Seine. love-locks-bridge-pont-des-arts-parisget-married-in-parisparis-wedding-reception-locationAfter a champagne brunch at Angelina’s, the newlyweds headed  back to their apartment with Heidi in tow- down Bd St Michel past some quintessential French landmarks, and even braved a Metro station in their wedding gear to take pictures with the trains. Blair said some of her favorites are from the end of the day, when Heidi was able to snap some really cool pictures of them relaxing on very Parisian back streets without any of the traditional French landmarks in the background.

elope in Paris

wedding photographer in paris

Félicitations again, Blair & Judson. I’m so glad that your time in Paris was everything that you’d hoped it would be!