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celebrating black friday in paris

In a very short time, all across the U.S., family and friends will gather together to celebrate that most reverent American holiday- Black Friday. Since Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in France, that means that technically Black Friday doesn’t exist in France either. But if you happen to be in Paris over the Thanksgiving week-end, why not create your own tradition and celebrate Black Friday comme les parisiennes.

Start the evening by inviting your friends around for an all-black apéro: Try your hand at home-made foie gras and truffle “lollipops”, served with a refreshing black cocktail, like Eristoff’s Black Up. Or maybe something sweeter like black licorice macarons from Ladurée with cold flutes of sparkling Piper-Heidsieck Black Cancan by Jean Paul Gaultier.


Next, slap on a fresh coat of YSL Pur Couture Noir and head on over to Dans Le Noir? for dinner. Sure, it’s been around for a while, with locations now open in London, Barcelona and New York, but what better way to spend Black Friday than at the original pitch-black dining experience?   Top the night off  at BC Black Calvados, the branché black and chrome nightclub that’s been a Paris standard since the 1950’s. Not exactly a Paris bargain, but I bet you’ll spend less there than you would’ve at Macy’s Black Friday Sale!

Dans le Noir?
51, rue de Quicampoix 75004

BC Black Calvados
40, rue Pierre 1er de Serbie 75008

parisian party blog’s 5th anniversary party

Last night was the official celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the parisian party blog!  I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been blogging this long.  A few years after creating my wedding planning agency, I decided to start parisian party as a creative way to share my know-how about getting married in France, my insider details on Destination Weddings in Paris and France and pretty much all things French & Parisian Weddings.  Since then, my business has grown quite a bit,  and although I would LOVE nothing more than to be a full-time bloggeuse, my family and parisian events comes first, meaning sometimes blogging has had to take a back seat.  Even still,  I’ve tried to bring relevant and fresh content about “all things French weddings” to parisian party, and I’m just so flattered that readers and supporters have stayed faithful and still find what I have to say worth clicking into.

I owe a HUMONGOUS shout-out to Kent’s Party Solutions for the awesome catering last night.  I  wanted a menu that was fun, summery, sophisticated, but kind of girly, too. Kent totally delivered with yummies like savory chicken “pops”,  mini take-out boxes with Sesame, Parmesan and Rosemary Bites, a wedding cake-shaped cheese platter with edible flowers and a spicy signature cocktail created just for me- the Petyt-tini!! Also, the fabulous Cat Beurnier (who’s new boutique, Sugar Daze Cupcakes, is opening in Paris on the 23rd of June) created the “White Wedding” cupcake in parisian events colors for guests to have as a little parting gift. Thank you both SO much!

For me, last night’s party wasn’t just to celebrate parisian party, it was also to celebrate those of you who have encouraged me over the years. Thank you all so much. Here’s to the next 5 years of Paris inspired wedding loveliness!parisianparty-party-night


french wedding traditions: le trou normand

You’re at your very first French wedding reception and you can’t believe that even though you sat down to eat well over two hours ago,  they’re still bringing out food - with not even a hint of an end in sight.  Before you even made it to the table, you stuffed yourself full of amuse-bouche: Torsadées Feuilletées au Jambon, Tartinade de chèvre au basilic et à l’ail, and some little round meat-things that tasted like cheese.  Once comfortably seated à table, you gorged yourself on slabs of Foie gras de Canard aux figues & son chutney de poire et mangue, then Trois crusacés pour une Ecume & Son Coulis Pourpre followed by an amazing Magret de canette grillé sauce périgourdine.

After the plates are cleared, you scan the room for the happy couple, certain that its finally time to crack the croquembouche. Instead,  a waiter appears in front of you and sets down a  dainty little glass of what looks like a scoop of ice cream, but smells like fruity alcohol (??).  Ah, the famous “hidden” French dinner course: Le Trou Normand.


Le Trou Normand, The Normand Hole, is a strong alcohol served with a small scoop of sorbet that’s served during French weddings and large dinners. The idea is to clean the palate and stimulate the appetite- to give you a feeling of emptiness so that you can go back and tuck more in. The tradition, which started in Normandy, goes back several centuries. Originally, it was just a small glass of apple brandy (Calvados) served midway between a big meal. These days , any number of alcohols and flavors of sorbet can be served, depending on the region of France that you’re in or the course that is about to be served: Vodka and lemon sorbet go nicely with fish or seafood , whereas traditional Calvados  and apple sorbet are perfect for foie gras.

To make your own Trou Normand, place one or two small scoops of high-quality sorbet (if you can’t find apple sorbet in the store, try making your own- feel free to substitute apple with lemon or lime)  into a pretty martini glass or champagne coupe, then slowly pour the Calvados over it, top it off with a sprig of mint or lemon zest, et voila!  A simple recipe that can easily be incorporated into any French or Paris-themed wedding celebration.