Paris Wedding Trends 2008: The Black Wedding Dress

Max Chaoul Black Wedding DressYup. You read it right: It’s wedding show season in Paris, and one of the more surprising trends for 2008 is the black wedding dress. From well-known couturiers like Max Chaoul to more moderately priced dress labels like Creations Bochet, when it comes to choosing a wedding dress in France, black seems to be the new white. Cymbeline Paris has gone so far as to have 4 different black dresses in their 2008 collection!

As most U.S. metropolises seem to look to Paris for their fashion inspiration, I’d be interested to hear what American brides think about this “tendance“: Oui or Non, will the black wedding dress be the next trend to walk down American aisles?

Black Wedding dress cymbelineBlack Wedding dress cymbelineBlack Wedding dress cymbeline

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  1. 1 Blake

    I’m seeing a little more interest in black dresses on my site lately; in fact, never really heard people talking about them before, but a few are now. Nobody knows where to get them over here, though.

    I must admit, I love the french wedding trends! Vive la difference (and the pearl engagement rings)!

  2. 2 Shanika Butts

    I am in LOVE with the Max Chaoul dress. It is gorgeous! It takes a special bride to pull it off, but it’s hot!

  3. 3 Jay

    i thought color was gonna take off here in the states but it never happend. vibrant colorful dresses seem to be the rage in aussie for a bit, not sure if it got popular anywhere else…but my brides…pretty traditional!! come on girls, lets mix it up a bit, make a statement! ;-)

  4. 4 Iren

    Delightful dresses! I live in Russia and at us such do not sell. I have bought an evening black dress and I sew to order a veil. But I experience, that relatives will not understand me. They very religious.

  5. 5 Ms Polka

    I have a cousin who is spanish and wore a black and white gown to her Australian wedding and then a long black strapless number to her spanish wedding (with white pearls) so gorgeous!

  6. 6 STAYSI

    I just ordered my wedding dress about 2 months ago, and i guess i am ahead of the trend because my dress is black!! i tried on the white version and the black, and everyone at the bridal shop and my family all loved the black dress better. including my ultra conservative father. so i am all for the black wedding dress!!!

  7. 7 Mel

    so glad to hear that i’m not the only person who is desperate to find a black wedding dress! all i keep finding are boring white dresses with tiny details of black trim! my mom is very upset at the idea that i want a black dress, but i hope that she’ll be ok with it come time for the wedding. i might have to go out of the country to find the dress of my dreams.

  8. 8 Toni

    YESS!!! I am not getting married til 2009 but i am looking around and they are hard to find…please post more places you have all found black dresses !!!!

  9. 9 Iren

    I have shown my mum the black wedding dress. It long cried and did not understand me. Thought, that I do not want in marriage. But now it helps me advice how to improve my dress. Girls, do not refuse the dream! Buy dresses which you want also you will be the best and courageous! Your Russian bride. Iren

  10. 10 elisabeth

    This is perfect!
    My sister is getting married this spring and she has always wanted to get married in black according to spanish tradition and like our mother and grandmother and so on.

  11. 11 Roxane

    OMG………thank you , thank you..Parisian couturiers!!…Marrying for the 3rd time….in Las Vegas, NV, in Feb. 2008 ………I too will be wearing black silk , Empire waste long evening gown with bodice…..with rich red roses hand tied for my bouquet…… and my hair updoed like Audrey Hepburn…..I hope to awwww……..all 40 of my guests…..Including my future husband. :)

  12. 12 Kathryn Joy

    I am wearing red for my wedding, and I must say I am raising more than a few eyebrows. I guess it is considered more of a scandalous color here in the USA. Black is a lovely choice also, so elegant! I have yet to see either of these colors (or any color for that matter) in the bridal shops I have been to, so I am having my dress made. I cannot believe the lack of imagination in this industry, or maybe its my fellow American brides;) Come on ladies live a little!

  13. 13 Yanti Nizar

    I wore black at my wedding reception. That was two years ago.

  14. 14 Mother of the Bride

    My daughter just chose a black and white wedding gown and her bridesmaids will be in black gowns. Her maid of honour will be in red. Any suggestions for the mother of the bride dress? Do I wear black? I do think traditionally the mother tries to keep with the scheme. Please help. Her wedding is in Sept.
    I must add, I went to my boyfriends nieces wedding in July, and her bridal party was in black and looked lovely.

    Anxious Mom

  15. 15 Moon

    Historically speaking, the white wedding dress is a relatively new thing. In the US at least through the Victorian era, the dominant colors for wedding dresses were black and blue, for a number of reasons. Prior to the invention of the sewing machine, clothing was hand tailored at home as a rule, to make any dress was an involved project, and the average family couldn’t afford a dress for just one day, or the time to make one for just one day. Prior to the invention of modern washing machines, and more importantly dry cleaning, dresses were washed by hand, and dark colors were favored as being better able to hide dirt and stains, you didn’t just throw a dress into the hamper after just one wearing, you wore it multiple times before washing it in water, and relied on more easily washed cotton and wool undergarments to help keep the over garment clean. Women died much younger in those days, and especially during the Victorian Era, the chances were that your marryin’ dress was also your buryin’ dress, and your Sunday go to meetin’ dress in between. Prior to the invention of the electric sewing machine, fluffy white confections of lace were reserved for very wealthy families and royalty, who could afford tailors to make the dresses and servants to clean them, and the white wedding dress came into vogue as a way to show off to the entire town just how wealthy you were. The invention of the sewing machine revolutionized the clothing industry and the wedding industry as new factories were born during the industrial revolution and allowed the average person to buy clothing off the rack. Just as wealthy heiresses and celebrities influence the fashion world today, so the idea of emulating much wealthier people to wear a “traditional white wedding dress” came into vogue, as a “tradition” goes, this is a tradition that is not even 100 years old. The return of the black dress actually marks a return to a *more* “traditional” wedding. I personally am happy to see the return of a black wedding dress, especially for the bride on a budget, because if you choose the styling well, you may also have a dress available to wear for other formal events for a few years, or even to wear to someone else’s formal “white” wedding. Perhaps these thoughts will help out some of your are dealing with family members who are insisting that you must have a “traditional” wedding dress, even though it seems avant-garde these days, the black wedding dress is actually more traditional than the white one:)

  16. 16 Leigh-Ann Kline

    I just love when someone takes a chance and does something unique and is not afraid to do so. I design unique handbags for brides and have some awesome styles that would look beautiful with black gowns. I’m going to blog about this trend tomorrow. I think brides should forget about what everyone thinks and do what they love. It’s their day! Cheers to the stylish fashionistas!

  17. 17 Jana

    In the autumn of 1950, my mother’s second marriage began in the small midwestern town in which her fiance had grown up, at the local Presbyterian church. A classically beautiful woman with a Marilyn Monroe figure (unfortunately, not inherited by her daughter), she’d come from the “big city”, and believed in always being impeccably, fashionably dressed..gloves and hat, Chanel suit or Hepburn-esque cocktail dress.
    For her wedding, she chose a candlelight ceremony and a black velvet wedding dress.

    The dress actually consisted of a long-sleeved, form-fitting jacket top, with a just-revealing-enough neckline, framed by small lapels, many tiny velvet buttons running down to a tapered waist, and a slightly flared drop over the hips of about four inches. It was worn over a medium full, matching black velvet (careful that your velvets are of the same weave), “cocktail length” skirt, with simple pearl necklace and earrings, black heels, black velvet ribbon braided into her dark auburn chignon, and a tiny wisp of a black velvet hat with an open-meshed veil, that fell softly over her forehead.

    My step-sister to be (then nine), and I (only five) also wore age-appropriate black velvet dresses, with shirred sleeves, white lace bib collars and cuffs, and black mary-jane shoes ( was the 50’s), and carried smaller versions of the white rose bouquet held by my mother. My step-father wore a “black-tie” dinner tux. My step-sister and I walked down the aisle in front of my mom, and all four of us stood together at the altar during the ceremony, where the minister said he was not just marrying husband and wife, but two families together.

    Looking back, I do recall there were a few in that little town who considered my mom’s “sophisticated” wedding to be quite scandalous. I’m sure that some of the more devoted “church ladies” probably even equated it to a satanic I can understand Iren’s trepidation! My mom didn’t care, though. It was her wedding, not theirs, and it was what she wanted. Truth told though, most everyone else thought it was both as elegant and truly beautiful a wedding as my mon had wished for. I’ve always thought so, and applauded her taste and individuality for doing it her way.

    So, enjoy your black dress wedding, and keep in mind that candlelight is very flattering to all women, no matter what they’re wearing!

  18. 18 Ranae

    My family, who knows me all too well, didn’t bat an eye when I told them I was wearing a Black wedding dress and I got married in June 2004. My husband was also dressed Black on Black on Black. Both of our coloring worked well with this choice. Due to the lack of dress choices I decided to make my own. I found a wonderful patter and modified it so it had a train. My father in law said we would regret the choice but when I look at the pictures I’m glad I got married in Black. We looked stunning!!!

  19. 19 Klara

    I’m getting married in a black dress in a month. I’ve never liked the white purity look and have always said i wanted some thing different. Why be bland and white it’s your day you should wear what you want the only thing that matters is if you look good and your groom thinks so to! and my groom loves my black dress

  20. 20 Sarah Ann

    Wow… I am from a small town in Texas and wearing black is almost sacreligious for this conservative bible belt area!! I am thrilled to know that there are more meaning for black than the stereotypical ones given to the slimming, elegant color.

    Thank you!!!

  21. 21 Jana

    In 1950, my mother’s second wedding, held in the small home town where her fiance had grown up, shocked almost everyone. She was a sophisticated “city woman”, beautiful and always Audrey Hepburn chic, who decided to have a candlelight ceremony and a black velvet wedding dress. Over a “cocktail length” full skirt, she wore a short, jacket-style top with long, cuffless, closely fitted sleeves, fitted bodice, a softly lapeled, tastefully low neckline, and small velvet buttons, running down to a short, flared drop, beginning just below the gathered waist. This was complimented by a simple pearl necklace and earrings, black heels, a narrow black velvet ribbon artfully woven into her chignon, and a wisp of a black velvet hat..the veil dropping demurely to her cheekbones. Her bouquet consisted mostly of white roses. I will always remember how very, very beautiful she looked. It’s wonderful that brides are choosing the “little black dress” for their special day. Remember, too, that candlelight is very flattering to any woman. Enjoy!

  22. 22 Darla

    I’m glad to see that there are actually black wedding dresses avaliable… I’m planning a wedding for myself and I have every intention of wearing a black and (hopefully) red dress when I get married… and yes for anyone intrested… I do live in the U.S.

  23. 23 Allie

    I just bought the dress I plan to get married in today, and it’s a fabulous little black Calvin Klien, over the knee cocktail dress.

    We’ll be having a small, evening wedding in a restaurant, so I think it’s perfect. I’m just not tha poofy white dress type and never was :)

    I only ran a serach on the topic tonight after making the decision and buying the dress, and I’m amazed how much of it is going on!!

    I’m thinking of carrying orange, yellow and dark red roses, nothing on my head but my red hair, worn down :))

  24. 24 Jane

    Hello Everyone

    This is not so unusual! To wear black as a wedding dress.

    I am a social anthropologist. It was quite common in the early middle ages in Europe and in many other parts of the world, for brides to marry in black.

    Indeed, in China and many Asian cultures, the brightest reds and yellows are the preferred colours for a bride at marriage and white for death.

    White was mostly worn when buried to signfy a purified state in order to enter Heaven or the Afterlife, depending on one’s cultural perspective. Think about it! Why would one want to wear black when entering the afterlife? It is after one has died that one has to be reborn and so wearing white signified this.

    It was really only during the times leading up to the Victorian ages and beyond that black was ever associated with death and mourning. Perhaps this was a response from the growing nouveau riche about what they considered and imposed upon others as the “proper” way to mourn a person’s passing. Indeed, it was perhaps a trend arising from the growth and influence of the Catholic Church in Europe and beyong that saw a change in the symbolism. That is, brides became like Angels who can only be “virgins”.

    So, whoever was involved in designing these dresses is not making a new fashion “statement” but has rather found someone who has discovered this and then translated it into these beautiful designs.

    The dresses are gorgeous. So, no matter what the real history, I think that this is what should always be kept in perspective. That the dresses are quite lovely and many women would look fabulous wearing them, even if not to their own weddings!!



  25. 25 Iren

    My wedding took place. I was in a black dress and a long black veil. The groom was in a white suit and a black shirt. Our parents admired!!!!! And even people who do not know me, estimated my photos on 5 points! Girls, be not afraid and do not refuse the dream, I repeat to you once again!!!!

  26. 26 AG

    I am getting married in October & started looking for anything other than the typical white wedding dress. The dress I found is so beautiful — it’s black silk with this amazing embroidered design in white/silver/tan with chrysanthemums & a phoenix…it’s stunning. It might be hard to find because it’s from last year’s collection, but it’s worth checking out:

    it’s by Sue Wong (runway 2007 collection) Here’s the website: click on “collections” & choose fall 07 runway. The page will show women in the dresses; scroll right until you see the black formal with the embroidery. You can click on it to see the runway model. I look better in it than she does, if you wanna know the truth =)

    As an aside — do any of you have suggestions for veils? I don’t know if I want a black one — I want to be seen! But will a white one be too dramatically different than the dress? ideas?

  27. 27 Gadsby England

    Hello, I was really pleased to find this site as I am currently working on launching a site devoted to black wedding gowns.

    I am having quite a few different models custom made in black for the site but would love to find more. So if anyone is interested in selling their black wedding gowns on our site, please send me an email.

    Also would like permission to use Janes comment on the site to explain some of the historical perspective on the issue.

    Good luck to everyone looking to wed in black!

  28. 28 jane

    This is can use my comments if you wish.good luck with your site.

  29. 29 Joanne

    YES!!!! I Looove Black…I wear black almost everyday…. I’m an American getting married in Paris this Sept ‘08…. So excited to know I can add something black on my dress or even wear black…. I love it!

  30. 30 Sara

    I wore a black wedding dress for my labor day wedding. Many people tried to talk me out of it. I found a local seamstress to replicate a dress I liked in black and it was very inexpensive and turned out to be a great dress. I am very happy I did it, it was our day and we did everything we wanted. No regrets!!

  31. 31 Lisa

    I am a 38 year old mother of 5 & 1 granddaughter, this will be my second wedding(2010). I have told many I would love to have a black wedding dress and my 4 daughters wear white. Most people think I am nuts! or t gothic -I am just a person who loves black! I will keep checking on this site for more info.

  32. 32 Amanda

    I will be getting married at the end of this year, and I have been trying SO hard to get my hands on a black wedding dress. You just cant find then anywhere. Just because white is the “traditional” color, it shouldnt mean that there are no other colors. What about us non-traditional brides? It’s been my dream to be married in a black dress. Unfortunately, I’m on a budget and cant really afford a custom made one. So, it looks like I’m going to have to settle for a beautiful black evening gown.

    Does anyone know any websites where I can get information on budget weddings, or any where I can find a black (wedding or evening) dress to buy? Thanks.

  33. 33 dans

    i am getting married this summer and have always known i’d wear a black dress. please post any websites where i might find one, i’m running out of time!! :) thanks!

  34. 34 Elyse

    I own a small boutique in Ohio. We custom design gowns ourselves. I have an absolutely fabulous black/cream lace gown (under $500) that I have sold as a wedding gown. Don’t know if the midwest is ready yet….

  35. 35 Susan

    25 years ago, I married wearing a black dress with white trim. Now, my daughter will marry her girlfriend wearing a black ballgown style dress with a bit of white trim–unusual for the somewhat conservative Mid-west of the U.S., but she says it worked well for Mom & Dad–maybe for her too? :-) It’s beautiful and elegant. Both girls in black and white, and the bridesmaids in red.

  36. 36 chris lammadoo

    We were just in Morocco and found a beautiful black dress with silver detailing… thin arms that open to wide sleeves with a black headscarf (which will double as a veil, which also has silver detailing)… its a tradition muslim dress in style, but cynched in really is form huggin and will make a wonderful wedding dress…


  37. 37 Jillian Lumbert

    even though i am 16 right now my fam is catholic and when i told them they flipped that i wanted a black dress. getting married in 2018 or2019 i hope the trend comes over here

  38. 38 Stephanie

    I think the black dress is totally gorgeous!
    Who cares about tradition? Let’s make our own!
    I plan for get married in something colourful with a huuuge skirt.
    Ballgown skirts all the way.
    Plus BLACK IS SLIMMING so you can look fabby on your big day without having to shed the pounds!

  39. 39 bride in black

    YEAH!! I love it! I am getting married this friday in a black dress. It is gorgeous. It’s actually a suprise. My bridesmaids are wearing white, Only a few of our friends know about it so it will be a suprise for all (including family).

  40. 40 Tobyn

    I’m getting married in black, my fiance and I are both sort of skater/emos. We simply havent grown up : P My family (on my moms side) is horrified at the whole thing, the guy, the dress, the venue (a sick church in Alaska @ Alyeska Resort called Our Lady of the Snows, check it out!} and they think the way he proposed is weird. He had his friends paint letter on their chest and stand outside our building and it spelled M-A-R-R-Y M-E-? (I swear he’s been watching too much Jackass.) Most of my childhood was split between Alaska (dad) and Nantucket (mom) my dad is the nice-rick-person-who-regardless-of-his-wealth-is-still-a-genuine-guy guy and my mom probably made Satan cry on the playground. So, I dont have a specific wedding dress, but I L-O-V-E the Max Chaoul.

  41. 41 Jennie

    My name is Jennie, I am getting married Oct. 18th 2008 and I will be wearing a black wedding dress. Its taking me a very long time to find one, however I have rounded it down to a couple. Raylia Designs was great for the 2008 styles. I like the traditional look of a wedding dress, a-line, princess look, its beautiful. The problem I am having is colour matching! What colour did you have your bridesmaids wear? Im not really a pink person, but Im not a blue person either. What colours did you have?

  42. 42 Joel Guilherme Velten

    Good afternoon,
    I am a student of history and for a long time I have looked for the history of the black dress used by the brides in Europe years and years ago. Somebody says it was because of the feudalism system. When the lady got married the first night was with the owner of the farm and then with her husband. Because this she used a black dress in trhe wedding as a protest about the sad situation. I live in a samml town in Brazil founded by Germans in 1847 and for many years the brides used black dress because they brought this fashion from Europe. I really would like to know if the history durring the feudalis m system was that. The ladies who used the black dress were maid of the lord feudal.
    Hope you can understand my question. Do you know any history like this one. I have many pictures in the museum where I work where the bride uses black dress on the wedding. People never know if it was or fashion or not. Some say that she used black dress as a protest and for her it was mourning, sadness because she had to sleep the first night with the owner of the farm instead with her bridgroom/husband.
    Thank you veru much for your answer. I will be happy. If you want I can send you pictures that I have in the museum of the black dresses.
    Thanks a lot.
    My e-mail is or

  43. 43 CinABQ

    I’m also getting married october 18, and I will be wearing a black and white gown that I am making. Bodice will be black lace over white satin, long, black lace sleeves, white ballgown style skirt. Groom loves the idea, and even mom is ok with it!

  44. 44 Christina

    I’m from the US and came across this site while depseratley searching for a black wedding dress. My bridesmaids will be wearing white. Its near impossible to find a black wedding dress. Any help at all would be much appreciated!!

  45. 45 Jacquie

    I am so glad I am not the only weirdo anymore! I am getting married in 2009 but as long as I can remember I have always dreamed of a black wedding dress. I have looked at every white wedding dress I can and none of them seem right. Sad thing is only black dresses I could find in a good budget that aren’t hideous are bridesmaid dresses. It’s a good way to find your dream black dress.

  46. 46 jen

    i am planning a halloween wedding in 2009 and i am trying to decide between a red or black dress. my sister hates the idea of a black dress so i was glad to find your site and show her that it may be the height of fashion to get married in black. thank you

  47. 47 Karen

    Hi, I wore a full length black Jovani prom dress for my wedding on 17 August 2008. I was quite nervous about it and didnt pick a black dress on purpose. i knew i wanted a long dress but couldnt find 1 i loved apart from the black Jovani dress that suited me down to the ground. It was full of sequins and i didnt actually realise how much it would sparkle in the church and in the daylight. on the wedding video in the evening its just sparkling away and twinkling in the lights, it looks beautiful. it took my husbands breath away, he couldnt look at me properly for several minutes as he had tears in his eyes and he said he was blown away. he had no idea i was going to wear black and said that when he saw me the colour was the last thing he noticed as the dress was so gorgeous. even the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel said it was the best dress she had ever seen. so go for it. whatever colour you want to wear, just wear it, if its you and you love it, who cares. my mother in law did ask me prior to the wedding if i was wearing black and i told her i wasnt. she then went onto to say, ‘afterall its a wedding not a funeral’, she obviously had no idea i was wearing black and on the day she said she felt awful and that my dress was fantastic - good luck - i wish i could do it all again!!!

  48. 48 Black is Beautiful

    In additon to all of the great informative answers, 2 points.

    1.) There is NO religious basis for a white wedding gown. NONE.

    2.) For those who continue to cite “purity” alongside white, white is NOT the color of purity. Traditionally, BLUE is the color of “purity”. If you don’t believe me, look at pictures and statues of the Virgin Mary…she is typically dressed in blue.

    All of these silly color connotations are man made and should play no role in what you want to wear for YOUR wedding day. I had a Catholic Mass and wore a stunning baby pink gown. Black wedding gowns are gorgeous. Wear whatever you want, and wear it with pride. :)

  49. 49 Jenny G

    After 36 long years, my mother finally gets to marry me off.

    Since I was 11, I have wanted a black wedding dress. And I, like many people, found the black dress difficult to find let alone get over the “traditional” views I had of wearing white. It was also heard to imagine what it would look like on. I didn’t want to waste money on a dress if I didn’t like it so I bought mine off of Ebay for $9.99. They custom made it to fit and with a little bit of my own tweaking to customize it my way, I will be donning it on Friday March 13th of 2009. And it turned out great.

    Wishing all of you the best.

  50. 50 Melinda Shaffer

    I am getting married in June 2009 everyone wanted me in a white dress because of all the traditions. But, that is not me I love black my fav color so I am going with a black dress with a back red lining and a corset back with perels on the front it is gorgous. Im far from traditional our wedding colors are red and black forget the white have some fun it is your day. My groom is wearing black on black with a black and red silk tie. I dont care what people say it is what we like and what we want. Have some fun girls in the end it is yours and your future husabdns day.

  51. 51 Jennifer

    I am an american bride and I desperatley want to wear a black wedding gown….THANK GOD for Paris because with out them I would have no hope. I have looked and looked and tried on white dress after white dress and the only black anyone is offering up are ugly bows and sashes over a WHITE dress!!! I WANT black. I can’t believe it is so difficult here. Thank you Paris and COME ON american brides…get with it!

  52. 52 Victoria

    Who is the designer of the black/white gown??? It is absolutely gorgeous.

  53. 53 Searching

    I have been looking for a unique gray gown. I came across this black and white one and fell in love. I think my mom will try to make it for me with a deep gray in the place of the black and a different style top. I believe that what you wear on your wedding day is completely up to you. If someone at your wedding is judging you based on your style, then they shouldn’t be at your wedding! The top hat just makes it so much cuter!

  54. 54 Jimmy

    In most centuries past, wedding dresses were black. It represented a devotion or love until death. It is a great idea.

  55. 55 Victoria

    I am getting married on Halloween 2011 and am trying to find this gown. I am absolutely in love with it. Any idea where i could buy this gown from?

  56. 56 Mrs. Moceri


    First of all, whoever wrote that the Virgin Mary always dresses in blue had better check into the facts. The Virgin Mary does wear blue, but most painting of her have her wearing a white dress under a light blue cape with a blue sash. She does wear many different capes and sometimes a different colored dress.

    For me, black is the color of choice for a funeral not a wedding. The designs may be lovely, but where are the sleeves? The wedding ceremony is SUPPOSED to be about BOTH the bride and groom….not just the bride. It seems that most designers want all brides to be telling their guests: “HEY, just keep looking at ME!!! I’m the only important one here. Also, a wedding has NOTHING to do with a sexy looking dress.

    I challenge you designers to design bridal gowns that are modest! I don’t think any of you can do it, I think you are all afraid to. I’ll be waiting and looking through bridal magizines to see who is brave enough to design a line of MODEST bridal gowns. I mean: nothing low cut in the front or back, they have long or short sleeves, and are elegant! Oh yes, and they are in either white or pale pastel or white in color. Now, who’s up to this challenge?????


    Mrs. Moceri

    P.S. I will be watching tv and looking in magazines for your latest designs.

  57. 57 April

    I live in America, and I want the “black wedding gown”, I believe it makes it a unique wedding and a unforgetable moment. You want to know what some of my American friends think… some like it and some said “how could i choose black”. It’s my wedding and I will have what i like. I am actually trying to find the designer of a dress i saw online and i am not having any luck. My town does not have any black wedding gowns. I found one online but it is just a picture, no designer or anything. Still searching.

  58. 58 Joel Guilherme Velten

    Hello Sir:
    I live in small German colony in Brazil where about 80 or 90 years ago the black wedding drees was very common here. Somepeople say that the bride wore black dress because it was a protest against the feudalim where the owner of the property felt him like the owner of the bride because she was his maid and she gad to sleep the first night with him not with her husband. Don´t know if this story is true or not. I have many pictures of the bride with black dress in uour museum. Another story is becaue of the high cost of a white dress just for few hours and after the wedding the dress was kept inside a trunk and was not wore anymore. So they wore a simple color and that drees could be wore on other cerimonies. Please let me know if you know the history of the white and black dree in Europe. i also read in a book that the fisrt lady who wore a white dress in Europe was from Italy and belong to the Medici family in 1610.
    I tank you very much for your answer. My e-mail is jgvelten@hotmail
    I live in Brazil
    I can also tell you the German colony here has a traditional celebration where the bride wear a black dress. They have this celebration every year in the month of September.
    All the best,
    Joel Guilherme Velten

  59. 59 Katrina Marie

    Hi, I’m working on a line of black wedding gowns right now. I’m happy to see there is talk about this because it would be nice if this tradition actually came back. I prefer working with black fabric and only started making white & light colored gowns because brides asked for them. I personally got married in a renaissance baroque fairytale gown in red, gold and cream (that I designed, of course). I hope to have a similar gown available in black for my 2010 gown collection…I’m sure it would be just as stunning!!! Creatively, Katrina Marie (

  60. 60 sandy

    La robe de marié au XX siècle était sobre, voir stricte.

    Le noir existait tout comme le rouge en chine. Le jaune durant l’antiquité et le bleu au moyen âge.Le blanc est arrivé très tardivement ou elle a été reconnue comme signe de pureté et de virginité pour l’église. La mode est un éternel recommencement.

    Les robes ont évolués avec les époques, les tendances. :)

  61. 61 D'neale

    I in Austrlia and am wishing to return to paris for 2 weeks to go wedding dress shopping……where would you suggest?

    Can i view collections on line….whcih designers? collections to your reccommend??

  62. 62 Tova

    Hello - I love Black Wedding Dresses. I design lots of them for my beautiful brides. I love adding accent colors such as red or gold with the gowns. They come out looking stunning.

    Wedding Dress Fantasy

  63. 63 bridal gown

    Oh my god…!!! Awesome black dress…this color is so natural that it suits on every kind of girl..Not so shiny and style gown simple but look marvelous.all designs are pretty good.

  64. 64 christy

    where did you find the black dress with the top hat? I’ve been looking for the designer and have been unsuccessful! please help!

  65. 65 João

    This black dresses are amazing, i love everything is diferent from the traditional white

  66. 66 Lindy Photography Australia

    I have a Bride wearing a Black Wedding dress for her beach wedding in Noosa in November. I can’t wait to photograph the wedding. I love it when Brides do something different.

  67. 67 headhunters by jules bass

    Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying
    your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any helpful hints for rookie blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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