Paris Home Exchange and A Mad Hatter Tea Party


I’m riddled with Blog-guilt! I haven’t posted in a while because I’m about to go back home for a few weeks and have been trying to clean Chez Moi in preparation for our home exchange. This will be the 5th home exchange that we’ve done, and (knock wood!) they’ve all been really positive so far. Home exchanging is especially handy if you have kids, because it cuts the amount of travel gear by half! This new family seem really nice- it’s their first exchange, so they’re a little nervous, but I think they’re excited, too. I always feel a little sheepish exchanging our tiny little place with its tiny little fridge and teensy tiny little kitchen with the mammoth abodes that you find in the States (it cracks me up that you can fit a GALLON bottle of milk in the DOOR of my parents fridge! You can’t even find a gallon of milk here!!) but I quickly get over it- our place is a lot larger than most hotel rooms in Paris, AND we’ve got legos! (take that, Hotel Meurice!!)I’ve also been busy working (bien sûr) and one of the events that I was working on was the Annual Garden Party for AAWE. This year, I picked a Mad Hatters Tea Party as the theme, and it really worked out surprisingly well. I wasn’t sure if the members would get into the Mad Hat contest, but they did (and then some!!). The Princeton Tigertones are in town and performed for the group- how cute are they?? The combo of squeaky-clean pearly whites, bow-ties and tuxedo jackets and molecular biology - how could I not feel like a dirty old grandma?? It was also one of the club members’ birthdays, so my baker made an amazing Topsy-Turvy cake. Perfection!





Mad Hatter Tea Party


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  1. 1 Rebecca

    this looks amazing….do you have anymore pictures….Im throwing a bridal mad hatter tea party in a few months and need some ideas

  2. 2 Teresa

    I too would love some more pics and ideas for a bridal mad hatter “green” tea party in April. THe bride would like a green environmental feel/theme involved some how


  3. 3 Carol

    would love to see more pictures as well because i also have the same idea for a bridal party. if any of the previous posters have pictures from their events as well, please share. thanks!

  4. 4 jeska

    I, too am having a mad hatter reception, do you have any more pictures? Thanks!!

  5. 5 Kellie Cronin

    Hi I just wanted to say a quick hello I ran across your site when I googled mad Hatters teaparty cakes and there you were!

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