my life as an expat entrepreneur: chatting with expat edna

Edna Zhou is a self-proclaimed “serial expat” who caught the travel bug early- she first moved abroad at 18 years old!   Working in media and journalism, she’s lived in China, Singapore and Paris.  As a freelance sports writer, she’s covered games from London to Azerbaijan.   She writes about her adventures on her lovely blog, Expat Edna. A few months back, she started a series called “Expat Entrepreneurs”, where she chats with expats who started their own businesses abroad. The latest edition of Expat Entrepreneurs features yours truly, talking about why I decided to become a wedding planner in Paris. Check it, and the rest of Edna’s Paris expat posse, out here:


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  1. 1 Luce Fattaccini

    Amazing blog! this is a great idea to speak with entrepreneurs from all around the world! that should be so rewarding! Thanks for sharing!

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