april fools day in france: poisson d’ avril

On April 1st, all over France, people can be found walking around with paper fish taped to their backs, the unwitting victims of  apparently hilarious French humor.  In France,  April Fools Day equals Poisson d’Avril! After 10 years in France, I still don’t get the joke (why always a fish??).  I’ve decided to file it away under “Things I May Just Never Understand” and leave it at that .   Ah, well- Happy April 1st, comme même!


2 Responses to “april fools day in france: poisson d’ avril”

  1. 1 Laure-Helene

    I think you mean “quand même” and not “comme même” !

  2. 2 kim

    Yikes, thanks Laure-Helene. Changing it now… :)

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