and the winner is: valentine’s day blog giveaway!

Last week, I asked readers to post a comment proclaiming to the WORLD why they loved Paris. For their efforts, I would randomly draw one name to gift the book “Paris in Love” by photographer Alison Harris.  And the winner is: Mary Priddy from the Operation Paris blog.  Mary is a “Parisiophile extraordinaire living in Austin, Texas.”  I hope that winning this book is a good sign that Mary will soon get her wish and return to the city of her dreams.  You can also follow her on twitter at @operation_paris.

A HUGE merci to everyone for playing along. Thank you for sharing, and thanks again for reading my blog!

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  1. 1 Ella Coquine

    Coming from New York where my life was all about work, work, work, I came here and discovered that living life and enjoying simple pleasures like allowing yourself to take an afternoon break at a cafe is not only encouraged but it’s celebrated! I love Paris because I have finally managed that balance between work and life. Life can be tough here but when it’s good, it’s reallllly good. Merci Paris!

    Good luck to everyone!!

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