A Chanel-inspired Wedding

chanel party parisIn honor of the 88th anniversary of the world’s introduction to Chanel N°5, I thought it would be fun to put together a Chanel-inspired wedding board. It’s a fun twist on the Paris-themed wedding, and a nice alternative to yet another Tiffany wedding. (Don’t get me wrong- I love Tiffany’s just as much as the next girl, but this trend has been diluted so far down that it’s almost unrecognizable (hint: just because it’s aqua, doesn’t make it Tiffany’s).

A Chanel-inspired wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. There are ways to bring the esprit de Coco into the design of your event, without having to fork over thousands of euros to do it. Think black and white, quilted textures, art deco patterns, grosgrain ribbon and charm bracelets. Coco’s favorite flower was the camellia- use them in your bouquet, your hair, or floating in a bowl for centerpieces. Black wedding dresses have been raising quite a bit of hoopla for the past few seasons. So black accents on a stark-white gown would be trendy and give a nod to Mademoiselle Chanel at the same time.

The essential is to keep it sophisticated, polished and elegantly Parisian. Don’t psych your guests out by wrapping a favor in Chanel ribbon or paper if it’s not the real deal inside the package. This is where the Paris element could come in- a “Paris” charm bracelet in a quilted favor box tied with a black grosgrain bow would get the “Chanel” theme across perfectly- and without any disappointments. A classic, 3-tiered cake with smooth white icing and simple black bands is a much more refined way to say “Chanel” than a fondant replica of a Cambon handbag.

When planning your Chanel-inspired wedding, remember to keep these words, spoken by Coco Chanel herself, in mind (the edit is mine!) : “A girl wedding should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Chanel wedding paris themed

Dress © Chanel, Black Bow cake © Consumed By Cake, Quilted gift box © Favor Ideas, Dress © Vera Wang, Chanel-inspired Cake by Cake Couture, photo © Pacific Weddings, Camellia bouquet © Bouquet Chic, Invitations “Chanel” © Effigeorgia, Black lace cake © Project Wedding, “Paris” charm bracelet © A Vintage Jewel

11 Responses to “A Chanel-inspired Wedding”

  1. 1 Kathleen Trenske

    Love it! The black and white, the flowers, the pearls - very classic and elegant. Perfect look for a Parisian event.

  2. 2 Allison

    Sophisticated, accomplished, classic, and elegant — this is the finest inspiration board I’ve ever seen.

  3. 3 Angela

    Wow! I love this post. What a fantastic idea. I’ll definately be mentioning this to my readers. Great job and soooo chic!

  4. 4 Karen

    This is a great concept to not only be unique but also to be chic at the same time..

  5. 5 becca @ birthday girl

    this board is gorgeous!!! it perfectly captures the grace and style of chanel. and what a unique layout… you’ve inspired me to play around with new board looks.

  6. 6 Camille

    Love this post, and love the site! We obviously think alike on capturing the spirit of Chanel in party/wedding decor. :) Gorgeous!

  7. 7 fabgab

    For more on Chanel-inspired weddings and events, check out a style blog from a Chanel-obsessed fashionista

    I actually used one of your collages from here and gave you credit in the blog too!

  8. 8 Mandy Webster

    I’m working on a blog post about planning a Paris inspired wedding and was wondering… what did the grooms wear for your Chanel wedding? (btw, I am definitely going to give you a mention in my blog!)


  9. 9 Vicky

    The quilted favor box in the above picture. Where can I find? Love your inspiration board. Doing a Chanel Party Theme and your ideas are most inspiring. Thankyou so much.

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