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vrai mariage du mercredi - vintage chic french wedding

This week’s Real (French) Wedding is Delphine and Mika’s vintage-chic celebration, shot by Pascale of Au temps d’une photo last year in the South of France.  With a little (!) help from their friends, Delphine and Mika mix-and-matched their personal style, humor and love of vintage into a gorgeous party that was 100% them.

It looks like vintage weddings are here to stay on both sides of the Atlantic (hallelujia!), BUT  it’s up to you to make the look your own. If you just can’t imagine yourself drinking out of mason jars or batting around bunches of balloons at your vintage wedding, take a page out of Delphine and Mika’s book and 1) keep it simple: select a few vintage pieces that work well in your wedding location- (i.e.: if it doesn’t make sense to have a big ole Remington typewriter in the middle of a field- don’t bring one!), 2) keep it personal: Delphine always loved the rose and peony patterns in vintage Liberty of London fabrics, so she used that as the foundation of their wedding look, 3) keep it chic: well, these images speak for themselves!

french vintage wedding invitation

vintage french wedding blusher veil


french vintage wedding inspiration

french vintage wedding centerpiece

french vintage wedding inspiration deco

vintage french wedding favors


french vintage theme wedding photobooth

For more fun photos of Delphine and Mika’s big day, take a look at the Au temps d’une photo blog!

a peak at laduree make-up line

Ok, whoever didn’t swoon when they heard about the new Ladurée make-up line is obviously dead inside. For the REST of you, let’s take a look at what’s in store when Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée launches in Japan on the 29th of this month.


Like the late 18th-century French “Marvelous Ones” that undoubtedly inspired the line, the pretty packages of sweet eye shadows, luscious lipsticks, and flower petal blushes are a delicious mix of femininity and decadence that we Ladurée lovers have come to expect.  The collection is slated to launch in Europe in the fall, followed by the U.S. at the end of 2012.  Until then- we can only dream…


vrai mariage du mercredi - real french wedding wednesday

Weddings in France have had a complete design revolution since I first started planning weddings here in Paris “way back when”.  At the time, French weddings were pretty traditional, and DIY weddings-  at least in the “Martha Stewart Omnimedia” sense- had yet to catch on. But catch on they have. For more than a year or two, French brides have been bringing their own Frenchie flavor to the DIY wedding table. It’s whimsical, romantic, unique and above all else- stylish.

I’ve decided to highlight some of these weddings in a new feature- Vrai Mariage du Mercredi - Real (French) Wedding Wednesday.  Sometimes these will be my own clients’ Paris-based weddings, but more often it will be weddings from other parts of France. I thought it would be a great way for parisian party readers to find inspiration for adding that petite touche française to their home-grown celebrations.

The first Vrai Mariage du Mercredi is Benjamin and Mariette’s, which took place in a little village in the South-West of France in the Poitou-Charentes region. Their country wedding, shot by American destination wedding photographer David Blair,  is so sweet and charming- I actually felt jealous that I hadn’t been invited (never mind that I don’t even know Benjamin and Mariette - #thatsbesidesthepoint). Take a look at all of these great ideas for a French country wedding:








Even if French Country isn’t your thing- you know you love this French Country, right?  For more images from this beautiful villa wedding, be sure to take a look at the davidblairphotography blog.