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a french circus themed wedding (?!)

When an offbeat, vintage-loving bride is looking for an inspiration for her wedding in France,  I’d imagine that “Circus” isn’t quite the theme that pops into her head. But then again, she probably hasn’t seen the images from this French Circus-themed wedding yet. When I saw wedding photographer Davidones‘ photos of Pierre and Christine’s wedding on Rock and Roll Bride a few weeks ago, I was completely bowled over!  Fun and colorful, vintage but with an avant-garde/Fellini twist, this  wedding was infused with the couple’s artistic backgrounds and inherent French aesthetics- which meant a Circus Wedding theme that managed to be stylish AND sophisticated. Check out the blog of French wedding photographer Davidone for more images from this amazing celebration.





all images © davidone

la fete de la musique and a romantic picnic in paris

Here’s a vintage parisian party post from a few years back which fills you in on  la Fête de la Musique:

June 21st  is la  Fête de la Musique- World Music Day, where most of Europe enjoys a day of fun, sun (hopefully) and free live music. The holiday, which actually started here in France in the 80’s, always falls on June 21st, the summer solstice, and is a chance for both professional and amateur entertainers to strut their stuff. On the Fête de la Musique, everyone seems to be in a happy mood (really- even in Paris!!), and there’s music literally at every turn.  My favorite spots in Paris for Fete de la Musique are Palais Royale (where a lot of opera singers choose to sing because of the awesome acoustics under the arches) and Place Vendôme.  Even though it falls on a week day this year, lots of people will take advantage anyway and spend the whole day out wandering the streets, listening to music and picnicking in the park.

Why don’t you celebrate your own Fête de la Musique this weekend, even if you don’t live in a country that “officially” recognizes the need for more music in the streets? A maxi sundress and a big floppy hat will help you get into that Parisian mood. Pack up a wheel of stinky cheese, some fruit, a baguette and maybe a bottle of sparkling French Lemonade. Toss it all in a basket, grab your boules set, your ipod and speakers- and you’re ready to go! Vive la musique!


Boules set from, Duck and Raspberry Bruchetta by, hat: , sparkling french lemonade by lorina, “Le Déjeuner des canotiers”- Renoir, dress by Chloe