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I finally had a chance to check my email since arriving in Chicago over the week-end, and I was super happy to see that I was featured in last Friday’s “Meet The Planners” post on The Smart Planner™ . If you’re not familiar with this blog, but are interested in the wedding planning industry- you’ve GOT to check it out. Started by Liene Stevens, who owns the wedding planning company Blue Orchid Designs and also writes Blue Orchid Blog, The Smart Planner™ “discusses a range of topics pertinent to owning a successful wedding planning company. From pricing to building a more efficient workflow to online media - they provide tools, resources and coaching to help keep you on the road to success.” Thanks so much for the write-up, Liene :)

Speaking of Chicago, I am officially on vacation, and so I will not be posting much over the next few weeks. Behave yourselves, and I’ll be back soon with lots more tips and tricks on planning your picture-perfect wedding in Paris. A bientôt!

A Parisian Wedding Captured on Super 8

A while back I posted about the Super 8 wedding film trend in the States. Take a look at this sweet film of a small wedding ceremony that took place here a few months ago. While this film seems to have been shot by the couple’s friend (with still photos from Olivier Lalin), I would love to be able to find a film maker here in Paris who would shoot weddings on Super 8. If anyone knows anyone (who might know someone.. :) ) can you ask them to drop me a line, please? Until then…enjoy!

Paris Theme Wedding: Eiffel Tower Favors

Eiffel Tower wedding favorWhen a couple chooses to have a Paris-theme wedding, it’s typically because, to them, Paris evokes a feeling of romance and charm. It’s important to remember, though, that Paris is also known for it’s tasteful subtlety, and I think that’s the operative in creating a successful Parisian tabletop look. If you’re planning a French or Paris-themed wedding outside of France, I’m sure you’re already aware of the plethora of online resources available to you. A few hours on ebay or Etsy could provide you with enough Frenchy swag to make your guests feel like they’re in a bistro on Boulevard St Germain, OR it could make them feel like they’re on a high-speed TGV headed right into Eiffel Tower-imprinted hell. If you want to bring the Eiffel Tower into your table design, remember this: moins, c’est plus (less is more). Think a clean, white palette with clear or silver accents and white or pale floral arrangements. Add silver-plated Eiffel Tower placecard holders, or small, edible Eiffel Towers as favors, or these cute Cavallini & Co gift tags tied to a more traditional favor- any one of these ideas would convey a fresh, romantic esprit de Paris, but s’il vous plait- not all three!

Paris themed wedding favors