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the ultimate marie-antoinette wedding accessory

Moet & Chandon Rosé

Speaking of Marie-Antoinette inspired weddings, get a load of the Moet Rosé Indulgence Coffret: A Jeroboam of Moet & Chandon Rosé Impérial nestled in a pink satin-lined, black-lacquered box. Its’ lucky guardian can unlock their “18th century boudoir, a world of indulgence and richesse…” with a small golden key which hangs from a saucy pink tassel. Share this treasure with 4 of your nearest and dearest before heading down the aisle.

parisian events in Cosmo Bride China

parisian events cosmo bride china I am extremely excited to be featured in the current Autumn/Winter 2008 edition of Cosmo Bride China. This special issue looks at the hottest wedding trends coming out of the US, Australia, Britain, France, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. Interviewed alongside such industry leaders as the legendary Preston Bailey in New York, dress designer Jenny Packham in London, and Hong Kong make-up artist Joji Tsuchiya, I speak about some of the latest wedding trends from Paris, including over-the-top, Marie-Antoinette inspired baroque receptions, and fresh and trendy 1960’s influenced wedding dresses.

Laduree notebookNow, I don’t speak or read Chinese, and I would just love to know what the article says exactly. I tried Google Translator, but it still didn’t seem to make much sense. If anyone can send me a good, coherent translation of the page on Paris for me, I will send them this sweet little Pistachio-colored carnet (a small notebook) from my happy place, Laduree. Drop me a line if you’re up to the challenge, and I’ll email you a high-rez file of the page.

parisian events cosmo bride china

a bachelorette night in paris

Paris bachelorette nightYou’re in France for a wedding this week and you’re in charge of planning the bride’s bachelorette night in Paris. You’ve hardly seen her, though, because she’s been running non-stop all week shuttling out-of-town guests around and putting the finishing touches on the wedding. You and your Core Group know that she’s cranky, jet-lagged and exhausted, but this is her WEDDING, fer crissakes, and YOU’RE IN PARIS. So you need to treat her like the Rock Star she is, and take her out for a bachelorette night that she won’t forget. But what to do? Skydiving or Chippendales? Um, not so much. Striptease or Pole Dancing Lessons? Hmmm….Maybe later. But first, if your girl’s a Rock Star, you’ve got to get her over to studio Music Trip in the 10th arrondissement. With party packages starting at around 200€ for 2 hours, you and your BFFs can make like Destiny’s Child and record a CD at this professional recording studio. First, you select the song you’d like to sing, (or maybe you’d rather sing an original composition, Diva!). Then, working with the staff, you record and mix your track, help design the cover, and leave with your very own personalized CD. If you ask me, the perfect accompaniment to a bride’s freshly honed pole-dancing techniques!

chippendales paris