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How to Choose a Wedding Planner in Paris

wedding in parisIf you’re searching online for a wedding planner in Paris, you may be surprised to see the large number of agencies that are out there, especially when you consider the fact that the wedding planning industry is pretty new to France. One of the main reasons that I started my wedding planning agency in Paris was because I desperately needed help planning my own wedding in France while I was living in the U.S.. I didn’t speak French, and my husband’s sisters didn’t speak English-, which made me a complete wreck the entire time that we were organizing our wedding. Although at the time we didn’t have any definite plans to move to France, I remember thinking that if we ever did move, I would definitely consider becoming a wedding consultant (I was planning corporate and social events at the time- so it was a natural transition). Not long after we were married, my husband’s company transferred us to Paris, and I settled into motherhood and expat life, all the while keeping my eye on wedding planning. When we arrived in France 7 years ago, there were (I believe) only 3 or 4 French wedding planning agencies with an internet presence in the Paris region. By the time that I was ready to start my agency, the number of wedding planning companies in Paris had grown. I would say that 2 years ago, there were roughly 8 or 9 companies with a strong online presence. Today, I feel like that number has doubled, if not tripled. The majority of the websites that you come across for planning weddings in Paris will also have a page in English, which sort of puts all of the agencies on the same, basic level. So, how do you go about choosing the right wedding planning company in Paris if they all have flashy, English-language websites? Well, here are a few topics to consider to help you make the best decision for your situation: Continue reading ‘How to Choose a Wedding Planner in Paris’

Paris Marriage Proposal?

www.hennyvanveenendaal.nlMike over at dropped me a line about their new contest that’s just started today. and Gillette have teamed up to find the best marriage proposal story. From their site: “Marriage proposals can be quiet and personal, elaborate and spectacular, or anywhere in between. But they always make for a sweaty situation! How did you get her to say yes? and Gillette Clinical Strength want to hear your marriage proposal stories!” The contest runs until April 21st, and the Loverman behind the winning story wins $1000, PLUS….a years supply of Gillette Clinical Strength Deodorant!

Now, I personally know of several grooms in the past year who have pulled off some pret-ty amazing marriage proposals here in Paris. I hope you boys will be chiming in…Check out all of the details on the GroomGroove site.

Inner French Girl Quiz

Audrey Tautou

I found a funny post by Cara Black on The Lipstick Chronicles blog earlier today. It’s a quiz called: Find Your Inner French Girl.

In the end, I got a moderate 22 (hey- they didn’t ask if I had pink butterfly barrettes or Gormiti’s in my faux-Birkin bag, just magic markers!). What did you get?