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Designer Christmas Cakes

karl lagerfeld buche de noelFile this one under “Only in Paris”: There’s a yummy Christmas dessert here in France called a Bûche de Noël, a Christmas Log. If you’ve ever taken French in grade- or high- school, you’ve undoubtedly attempted to bake one of these with your classmates- a spongy sheet-cake that you covered in jam and rolled into a giant ho-ho and covered in chocolate icing. Well, needless to say, the French take their bûche de noël a tad bit more seriously than that. So much so that they even have haute couturiers design them! This years’ “buche de luxe” from Lenôtre was designed by no other than Karl Lagerfeld. Working with Lenôtre’s culinary experts, Karl has created a cake with a base of cinnamon, orange and ginger combined with 3 different types of chocolate and topped with a little candied-sugar axe- served in a Lagerfeld-designed mirrored chocolate box (bien sûr)! With a price-tag of 115 euros per cake, these treats should probably be saved for the grown-up table… If you’re interested, you’ll need to act fast. Pre-orders will be taken by Lenôtre starting December 6th, and they’ll only be available in boutiques from December 21st - 25th. How do you say “YURM!” en Français?

karl lagerfeld buche de noel

Laduree and Sephora: A Match Made in Heaven

laduree sephora vanityPop Quiz! For those of you who know me either in real life or through my blog, riddle me this: I’ve got 2 “Happy Places” here in Paris. Where are they?…… If you guessed Ladurée and Sephora, you’ve won!! And, oh happy day, the two have just teamed up to create a line of limited edition beauty products! Available at select Sephora stores, and the Laduree on the Champs Elysees, “Laduree pour Sephora” is a beautiful collection of macaroon-shaped soaps, gourmet lip glosses, bath salts and smooth body talcs in yummy scents like chantilly, brioche and violet. Each treat is wrapped in the elegant signature pastel colors associated with Ladurée. Snap these up now for great Paris themed shower gifts or wedding favors. Sublime

laduree sephora bath saltsladuree sephora lip glossladuree sephora powder


Killing Time Online

Design-Her GalsUgh! I was supposed to go through tons of paperwork and financial things today so that I wouldn’t be swamped at the end of the year (like I am every year…) but I really, REALLY hate that part of my job. And so, once again, I found myself clicking through some of my favorite blogs…Khris at DIYBride showed how to make these absolutely delicious-looking cupcake-in-a-jar favors (YURM!). Janie at The Bride’s Cafe talks with Monique Lhuillier about wedding trends for 2008, and what makes a “Lhuillier Bride“. Liene at Blue Orchid Blog hooked me in with her link to Design-her Gals- a website where you can make these fashionable little cartoons of candy shot glassesyourself- choosing hairstyles, clothes, props, etc., and have them printed on greeting cards or other small gifts (I tried to make one of myself: a checklist+ bridal bouquet= wedding planner, Get it?!). But my procrastinating hat has to go off to Terrica, dear, DEAR Terrica at The Wedding Planner Blog who has turned me on to the Edible Shot Glass (HALLELULIA!). I’ve spent the past hour trying to find them at an online retailer who will ship to France. I guess the paperwork will have to wait. Salut!