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The Paris Bollywood Connection

Bollywood ParisI am a HUGE fan of Bollywood movies. I love everything about them- the costumes, the music, the dances! The women are always so elegant and beautiful, and the men are so honorable and gallant. The storylines are usually cut and dry (good over bad) and you’re almost always guaranteed a happy ending (except for Devdas, which still shocks me to this day- but I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it…) I’m also in love with Shahrukh Khan, and hope to get the Sharukh “Ken” for my birthday, but thats probably another post in itself…

I’m going home for a few weeks this summer, and decided to celebrate my birthday early while I’m over there. I’m having a Bollywood Bling Birthday! I finally found an affordable place to have the party, Schuba’s, which is a typical Chicago Tavern. Now I have to come up with ways to transform it into Little India for my party AND I’ll have to do it on the cheap since I paid a FORTUNE to fly Paris - Chicago in July. Continue reading ‘The Paris Bollywood Connection’

They LOVE me in Germany!

Notre Dame Paris

One day last fall, I was walking down the street and was stopped by two women who were writing an article for the German newspaper, Wochenendbeilage der Stuttgarter Zeitung. The article was about the “Myth of Paris”, and they wanted to know if I felt that Paris was as romantic as the rest of the world believes it to be. “Funny you should ask!”- I proceeded to tell them that yes, I thought that Paris was one of the most romantic cities in the world- so much so that I’ve based my livelihood on it! Continue reading ‘They LOVE me in Germany!’

Stand Out From the Crowd

I saw this on the news yesterday: Last week, 21 newly wedded couples from Tianjin, China renewed their vows in a mass ceremony in Tours, France. The couples paid around 3000€ for a package which included a shopping spree, hair and makeup in a private salon, one day in Paris, and the vow renewal ceremony by the Mayor of Tours, Jean Germaine.

OK- I don’t get it. I’m not a travel agent, but at 3000€, wouldn’t you want to have something a little more private (an intimate ceremony of, say, 10 other couples?) I guess I could understand if they were trying to break a World Record or something, but I don’t think they even come close!

Vow Renewal Paris